You aren't alone.
For everyone who's ever had to use alone, BeSafe is an overdose prevention tool so we can support each other. Peer-to-peer remote supervision.​


Be Safe mobileapp
Be Safe mobile app
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You don't need an account to use BeSafe, we don't need your name, number or email address. ​


If you become unresponsive, your supporter will 'ask' your app for your location, and you will have 20 seconds to see that request and cancel it.  



If you have a community you would like to invite to a closed group, apply here and we can set it up according to your own specifications. 



BeSafe is made by Brave Coop, and we're working on activating community responders for rural areas and other situations where a citizen responder is the quickest or best first responder. ​

We need you!
If you practice harm reduction and are willing to answer calls from people at risk of overdose, and keep them safe, please fill out this form now
Getting Started

Check out the links and steps above and below, and our FAQ. We have videos to help you get started on iOS and Android and joining communities for both Callers and Supporters
Who are we?​
We're the Brave Coop - you can read all about us at our main website:
And feel free to email us with any questions:
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Download BeSafe Community

Click these links: Apple or Android; or search for "Be Safe Community"

Make sure you grant permissions to the app to use your microphone and location - otherwise it won't work as intended. 

*Check you're in the correct region (US or Canada) - choose either if you're not in either, the app will still work.

Join Community Immediately

After download, you can immediately create an account and join a community (if you have been given a code), by clicking 'Join Community' on the link at the bottom of the first screen. 

Create account

You don't need an account to use the app; only if you want to become a Supporter or join a community.

Join Community

Communities are self-supporting groups. You can apply to create your own here, or if you've been invited by a community administrator, enter the code you were provided as shown.

Initiate a call

Press this button, check your details, and then place your call. 

Edit Details

If you need to change your address or add a note, do it here. Remember: these details only get revealed to your supporter if you become unresponsive.

Be a Supporter

If you've agreed to be a Supporter for your community, switch your availability on or off here.

Answer Calls

If you're a supporter, calls will come through like this and look like this in the app.



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T: +1-604-500-8569


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